"All Souls' Night" 2016

The offerings of 2016 are the illustrations by Horton we found in various magazines.


"All Souls' Night" 2015

This time we offered The Porter's Daughter The Life of Amy Audrey Locke by Winifred Dawson (self-published by the author, Winchester, England, 2014) to the ghost of William T. Horton. And two glasses of sparkling wine. After reading aloud W.B. Yeats's "All Souls' Night", a silent meditation followed.


Elsa Barker, an inscription

Elsa Barker (1869-1954)

from The Book of Love (1912)

To Algernon Blackwood:
When Florence Purkins 
bought this book of my poems
to be inscribed to you, she
gave me an opportunity
to extend greetings to a fellow
student of QBLH, and to a
very great literary artist.
Yours very sincerely,
Elsa Barker, HASh.

c/o E.P. Dutton & Co,
681, Fifth Avenue, 
New York, July 20, 1922.



Thomas Lake Harris

2nd Nov. All Soul's Night. This year we did an offering of a photo of Thomas Lake Harris with his signature to the ghost of Horton.


New Image

The Vault, the Altar, and the Pastos. The Cross of Suffering and the Two Pillars.

*the seven walls are painted by the pattern suggested in The Magic Machine (2014) by Nick Farrell. Special thanks to him.

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