From Charles Rosher to Mrs Wieland (Ethel Archer)

Friday 8th Oct 1915

My dear Soror
                I expect to be in your neighbourhood at about one o'clock tomorrow and propose to call, and hope you will be in. I cannot keep my thoughts from Bunco and, strangely, from A.C. but only by way of comparison. Who -- of these twain --is the real Guru? A.C. & F.H. ought to be hung on a sour apple tree -- or given over to the tender mercies of Horatio Bumley and his barbarians.
            I have my ticket of embarkation notice and shall not have to leave until Tuesday morning when I will go by the special from Paddington at 11.5. or from Euston 12.5.  If you are disposed for an airing you might accompany me to Streatham and Croydon.
   Soror -- trust in love and kind thoughts -- we are glad your sister is with you

                                                            Fraternally yours 

*Oujupah here expresses deep gratitudes to his friends at Aeclectic Tarot Forum who were kind enough to read and decipher several words for him.


  1. "hung"
    "and Croydon"

  2. Oh, thank you very much, Unknown!

    I forgot to mention : the letter was sent from Charles Rosher to Ethel Archer just after her husband (Bunco) had been killed in WWI. They both new Aleister Crowley personally.