"And it is All Souls' Night.
And two long glasses brimmed with muscatel
Bubble upon the table. A ghost may come,
For it is a ghost's right,
His element is so fine
Being sharpened by his death,
To drink from the wine-breath
While our gross palates drink from the whole wine."

so sang W.B. Yeats in his superb "All Souls' Night".

I reproduced the scene by examining the text. The wine should be a sparkling wine made from muscat grape. I chose Reymos Moscatel from Spain. And the long glasses should be the type for sparkling wine, showing the little bubbles going upward as long as possible. I purchased two of those.

I'd like to make this an annual ceremony to commemorate those personalities who appeared in the poem, especially for Horton (I love him, and love the strange story of Horton and Amy Audrey Locke). I wonder if he responds to my call.

The muscatel is so sweet and tasty. Have to be careful not to drink too much.

Divine Feminine, Horton, and Audrey Locke.

painted by W.T. Horton