a dagger

Every country has its law on the weapon control.

A number of atrocious homicides by daggers outbroke in my country of 2008 and consequently the selling and possesing of daggers became illegal. The police was persuading the citizens who possesed a dagger to bring and give it up to the neaby police station by the 4th of July 2009. After that date, possesing of dagger was regarded as a crime and offenders will be fined or imprisoned. So I gave up my air dagger to a police station (after demagnetizing it) and have been using a small paperknife since then. But today I found a really good alternative "lawfuldagger". The hilt is natural wood and very easy to paint, the blade being genuine stainless steel yet without the edge, an ideal ceremonial tool. And it's not expensive, about 10 bucks. To tell the truth, the official name of the dagger is "oyster knife": a simple tool for fishermen to open and scrape oysters. The jurisdiction might interfere if the tool is unnecessarily sharp or hefty, but those now on the market is legally okay. I am a conformist.

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