George Wither's SDA

I am not of their Minde, who thinke the Sun,
The Moon, the Planets, and those glorious Lights
Which trim the Sphaeres, doe in their Motions run
To no more purpose, then to please our Sights.
Nor for distinguishment of Nights, and Dayes,
Or of the Seasons, and the Times, alone,
Can I suppose the Hand of God displayes
Those many Starres, we nightly gaze upon:
For, both by Reason, and by Common-sense
We know (and often feele) that from above
The Planets have, on us, an Influence;
And, that our Bodies varie, as they move.
Moreover, Holy Writ inferres, that these
Have some such pow'r; ev'n in those Places, where
It names Orion, and the Pleiades;
Which, Starres of much inferiour Nature are.
Yet, hence conclude not, therefore, that the Minde
Is by the Starres constrained to obey
Their Influence; or, so by them inclin'd,
That, by no meanes resist the same we may.
For, though they forme the Bodies temp'rature,
(And though the Minde inclineth after that)
By Grace, another Temper we procure,
Which guides, the Motions of Supposed Fate.
The Soul of Man is nobler than the Sphaeres;
And if it gaine the Place which may be had,
Not here alone on Earth, the Rule it beares,
But is the Lord, of all that God hath made.
Be wise in him; and, if just cause there bee,
The Sunne and Moone, shall stand and wayt on thee.

from A Collection of Embleme, Ancient and Moderne by George Wither (1635)


I happened to find this in my search of the symbolism of snail (as we see it in the Nine of  Pentacles of RWS tarot).

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