The Magic Bell

The Magic Bell for Invoking Spirits.

from a rare German Mss 

  This bell must be formed of electricum magicum, and fashioned as above described, round it the words + Tetragrammaton + and  +Sadai, + must be engraved in relief, and also the sign and planet under which you were born.

 Also inside thereof the word + Elohim, and on the clapper Adonai. It must be kept in a clean chamber, and when thou wouldest invoke the celestial agents or good spirit, make a fire with incense and proper perfumes, then rehearse devoutly an appropriate incantation, and ring the bell thrice, when the spirit will instantly appear before thee, and thou wilt be enabled to have thy wishes performed. But keep this a secret.

from Raphael's The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century. p.512.

a new image of the bell

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